Trainer Goes Viral: Camie Cragg Fitness meets Facebook

2 weeks ago these words came out of my mouth “Camie Cragg is a Facebook beast.” I mean that in the utmost respectful way possible…really.

Camie is preparing for her Grand Opening of Camie Cragg Fitness on February 25th. Her business is brand spankin’ new. But what isn’t new is her reputation as a personal trainer throughout the greater Reno community. How you ask? One word= Facebook. Here is her Facebook story:

Personal Facebook Page

Joined: 2008

Friends: 4,814 (192 friend requests pending as of today, she will get to you guys.)

Business Facebook Fan Page

Likes: 2,374

Views per Day: 1,500

In 2005 Camie was utilizing Myspace to reach out to her friends and family, she was also beginning her career as a personal trainer. Camie used Myspace, Big Nickel (newspaper ad), email and Craigslist to gain her whopping 10 clients in Reno. As any entrepreneur understands, building the clientele in the early stages of business development is extremely frustrating. She admits that she didn’t really get it, she didn’t quite understand how to reach out to people and get their attention. She posted constantly under the “Health/Beauty” section on Craigslist and she did get a lot of leads, but it wasn’t enough. It was in 2008 that a close friend of Camie introduced her to Facebook.

When Camie first started her Facebook journey she made it a priority to never “add” people; she would only manage her traffic by accepting or declining friend requests. She never wanted to push what she was doing on others, but if they wanted in- she would accept. In the early stages of her Facebook presence, Camie received a lot of grief from friends and family because of her frequent posts and status updates.

“People would make fun of me, they thought it was just too much. They would ask me if I had a life! A lot of people thought I was being too exploitive with my personal life and of my feelings. They also thought I was providing way too much “free” information in regards to my training and nutritional information. ”

Today Camie claims that word-of-mouth is her #1 source of referrals, #2 is Facebook and Twitter.

“Anything that inspires me, I put it on Facebook. At 4:55 am today I posted an article on low-glycemic carbs! When I am in the car and I hear something I like, I write about it. When one of my clients does something that inspires me, I write about it.”

The strategy: Camie started out by “checking-in” everywhere she went. Going to the grocery store to buy fruits and veggies? Check-in. Dining at a local restaurant to try out their new salad? Check-in. Coffee? Check-in. Going to work-out? You betcha’, check-in! She said it was exhausting, but it has been worth it. This is how the ball really got rolling. Locals were seeing all the places she was visiting, and soon she was creating a small buzz within her community of friends.

People are attracted to optimism, hope, and success. Camie’s Facebook page exudes this.  Camie tells a story of an incident where she wanted to get her son (Bodie) a skateboard. Camie turned to a skateboarding professional and asked him on his Facebook what was the best kind of skateboard to get for a 3-year-old. No response.

“I didn’t like it. I knew that I never wanted to be like that. I have made it a goal to respond to everyone, and to interact with as many people as I can on a daily basis on Facebook.”

Bingo! The attention Camie is giving to her consumers is continuously bringing them back, as well as attracting others. When you add Camie on Facebook, she sends every single one of her new “friends” an invitation to “like” her Camie Cragg Fitness Fan Page, and to visit her main website to check out all of the various products she has for sale. Her Facebook is FILLED with success stories. Before and after pictures of past and current clients, pictures of individuals training, testimonials fill up her wall, and YouTube videos of her boot camps are how Camie is utilizing Facebook to tell a story of what kind of shop she is running.

“I use Facebook and Twitter to show the “now.” I have an instant connection to show my community what I am doing right now, how I feel, or what I think is really cool and inspiring- at my finger tips (she picked up her phone).”

Camie also utilizes Facebook to literally run a part of her business, called Online Challenge. She forms Facebook groups and provides them with workouts, a meal plan, and support all via Facebook. The group members are able to interact with each other through discussion forums so they can turn to each other for support. This is a great option for people who are not in the Reno area or don’t have the financial means or time to completely commit to her boot camps. Recently, Camie leveraged the capacity of Facebook to raise $7,050 in 6 DAYS for local mother, Amada Curtis, 31 who is fighting brain cancer.

There are 2 huge points to be made with how Camie is using social media marketing: 1. Be you, be real. People don’t want to talk to robots; they want to interact with someone who cares about them. You can’t do that with commercials, radio, or emails. 2. Pull these people in and get them to buy into your product or service. Remember that bit about Camie offering free health and fitness tips on her Facebook? This is an example of a tool she is using to convert consumers into clients on Facebook.

Camie made it loud and clear to me, that it is her sheer desire and drive that has motivated her to stay involved with the social networking. It’s a lot of work to constantly stay connected. But she loves what she has created, and loves every single person who is apart of what she has built.

Facebook beast? I think so.


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5 thoughts on “Trainer Goes Viral: Camie Cragg Fitness meets Facebook

  1. Very proud of you and the positive work and impact you are making in people’s lives. Love you. Grandma Kathy

  2. You know, it’s funny that you posted this…and that it grabbed my attention. A few of my friends were talking about Camie awhile ago, and they added her on Facebook. I was intrigued by her business strategy and had to check out her Facebook page and website. I am more interested in yoga than I am in muscle building and personal training, but I am certainly happy for her. I love how she interacts with everyone and it’s not just a page with stale information. Keep it up Camie! Thanks for sharing Kristin.

    1. Thanks for the comment Jenna. I am a yogie too! Yes, I am with you- she responds with everyone and I don’t know how she does it. She showed me her FB while I was interviewing her and I was exhausted within 30 seconds. Chat boxes poppin’ up everywhere, comments left and right, her 192 friend requests. It’s crazy. Thanks again for reading and replying.


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