F.A.S.T Looks to Facebook to Help Spread the Word

Jeremiah “JJ” Milan and Carlos Madrid are Reno natives, former UNR athletes and now local business owners. In 2010, Milan and Madrid combined their vision and dreams, which created F.A.S.T Functional Athletic Sports Training. JJ was a football player at Wooster High School; then he represented the Pack at UNR from ’02-’06, and then continued on to play in the NFL with the Raiders, Bears and Colts. Madrid was a baseball player at Reed High school; then represented the Pack at UNR from ’01-’05, and then continued on to play pro ball for various minor league teams including the Reno Silver Sox.

F.A.S.T started in June 2010, training their first few athletes at the WB (a local indoor baseball/softball facility) in the evenings. As the ball really got rolling, F.A.S.T finally opened their own doors in November of 2011 as a full-time business. The once dream is now a reality for JJ and Carlos.

Facebook Numbers:

Likes: 226

Twitter Numbers:

Followers: 72

From the beginning Carlos has been utilizing Facebook to help spread the word of what they’re trying to build. A friend of JJ and Carlos’, Cristy Leck introduced the networking powers of Facebook to the 2 business owners in 2010. Another big contributor was Marissa Milan- JJ’s wife.

“Cristy, Marissa and all of our other clients would mention FAST in each of their posts, they would check-in each time they came in to train and before I knew it- friend requests from people who wanted to just check out what we were doing started to trickle in.”

Facebook and Twitter are convenient and FREE for this young business in terms of marketing- these social platforms are also responsible for 60% of F.A.S.T’s current clientele. Carlos is the main administrator of the facility’s Twitter and Facebook page, and his strategy is to promote as much as possible to his followers and friends. If you check out F.A.S.T’s page you will see YouTube videos (these are great, and often funny) displaying the various workouts one can expect from F.A.S.T’s boot camps. Carlos also constantly promotes and praises his clients for their continuous hard work and dedication.

F.A.S.T caught my attention because they are small business, which started out barely crawling; they were constantly “tweeting” updates and posting videos of what was going on in their building. Carlos was continuously engaging with his Facebook fans and/or clients. Fast-forward 20 months later, they’re up and running in the right direction. I am looking forward to returning to this business in about 6 months to see where they are at! F.A.S.T is looking forward to future growth, and they are taking the necessary steps to get there- especially with social media.

Tweet on boys!

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13 thoughts on “F.A.S.T Looks to Facebook to Help Spread the Word

  1. Great article and great facility. You won’t find a better more personal workout experience anywhere in Northern Nevada. I encourage everyone to check out F.A.S.T. and support this small business!

  2. We were looking for a place that would take our girls to another level in strength and speed for competitive club soccer. Carlos & J.J. have surpassed all of our expectations. They were able to make the sessions productive, competitive and most importantly, fun for each of the girls.

    J.J. and Carlos were able to adapt their instruction and movement methods to the younger clientele and still achieve results. A quality that is unique in an industry that too often specializes in catering to the older athlete. F.A.S.T. is quickly establishing itself as one of the area’s elite training facilities. Not with slick advertising or logos, but with hard work and properly motivating their athletes to achieve levels beyond their own expectations. Real Results!

    It’s Game On!

  3. I love F.A.S.T.! I started with them to help get back into shape after having my twin boys! I can honestly say that I am in better shape now then I was even before I had the babies! The results are real! They do a great job!

  4. FAST NV is what I’d been looking for for so long! After gaining about 20 pounds I had tried workout facility after gym after workout facility after gym with no success until I found FAST. In 3 months JJ and Carlos helped me lose 17 pounds and sooooo many inches! I’m so thrilled with the results I’ve had that I continue to attend their bootcamps to achieve my ongoing fitness goals! If you want an amazing place to workout, to meet great people and get real results, check out FAST NV. You can’t go wrong!

  5. Kristin, I love what you’ve started here; building the commonalities, making the connections in the community, finding the stories; I think it’s great and I hope your meeting with those guys looking to hire you went well.
    I’m really trying to push building a solid entrepreneurial ecosystem in Reno and after what you’re started I really want to have a part of it be sharing the stories of successful business people here in town. Thank you for showing how powerful going out, finding, and sharing these stories can be.

    1. Daniel- Thanks so much for the kind words. This has been a great experience and the feedback I am getting back is above and beyond what I expected. In the bigger picture though, it has been awesome helping these businesses out and giving them some attention. Each of these business owners are pouring their heart and soul into what they do, and it has been very inspiring. Thanks again for the support, and stay tuned!

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