Sales Guru Talks Social Media Marketing: Alice Heiman, LLC.

I was first introduced to Alice back in 2005 as an under-grad student. Alice taught a sales (what else?) seminar and her class was probably the most useful course I have taken to date. Alice Heiman owns and operates Alice Heiman, LLC as a nationally recognized sales consultant. She had success leading corporate teams as well as start-ups. She spends most of her time mentoring small businesses and also provides online sales training. I want to enter this blurb from her website cause I can’t say it any better:

“A consummate networker, she is the author of the eBook Connecting Your Way to New Business and the developer of The BizTalk Blender® a business networking event that connects people to others they can do business with directly, develop as a referral source and collaborate with to get results.  She’s appeared on radio and television, and been featured in print publications including Entrepreneur’s Startups and Selling Power magazines.  Her work has earned her numerous awards including Saleswoman of the Year, Marketer of the Year and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Small Business Blue Ribbon Award…”

Ok, I think I made my point- Alice knows a thing or 2 about business. I wanted to get Alice’s perspective on social media marketing, and also learn about her social media strategy for Alice Heiman, LLC. Here are the numbers:

Facebook Business Page:

Likes: 904


Followers: 941

Alice first expressed a concern for most people who are using social media.

“Social media should be used to connect, brand, and if you are a business- generate leads. Too many people are connecting with others on these sites and them tossing them aside. Only connect with people you know, and if you don’t know them, get to know them. Your network is your most valuable asset. Develop relationships with your connections by interacting, don’t blindly connect with people just to get your numbers up- social media is not effective when used this way.”

Great advice. It does need to be known that NOTHING on the Internet is private. I don’t care what your privacy settings are, do not trust it. You shouldn’t post anything that you wouldn’t want your boss, professor, Mom, Dad, Grandma and Santa Clause (naughty or nice?) to see. How many times have you heard people say “Ya’ know, I don’t know her but we are friends on Facebook.”  Remember that you are creating a brand for yourself on these sites, and whom you connect with can help or hurt your credibility. Social media is for connecting, interacting and building a network.

Here’s Alice’s strategy for social media when it comes to business:

“Don’t utilize social media to make a sale to your connections, you will bug everyone- you can’t sell outright. Utilize these social mediums to share your expertise. Develop good content, get people’s attention, converse with others, connect and offer good info.”

Simple example of useless vs. useful info:

“I am eating lunch.” Nobody cares; I get so many posts like this on my newsfeed.

“I am eating a Sharkbite at Beach Hut Deli on Mae Anne and Robb Dr (insert picture of messy Sharkbite).” Perfect, that’s cool- I will remember to go there when I am craving a sandwich.

Create value in your messages on Facebook and Twitter!

Alice has seen success in her business because of her utilization of Facebook and Twitter but would like to utilize these platforms even more. Just the other day she received a lead on Facebook, on another occasion she was connected to do business with St. Mary’s, and she has landed 3 speaking engagements- all through Facebook. Alice offers great content on her pages and is continually engaging with everyone.

“Don’t negate the power of these tools. Pick 1 platform and master it. There are so many social media mediums to choose from and it can be a time-sink. The audience you want to target is on Facebook, and from there you never know who they know and so on…that’s the beauty of social media.”

Alice can see social media as a way for her to directly connect with her customers and potentially cut down the amount of time she spends on the road. She has ideas up her sleeve, which will leverage social media to add a completely new dynamic to the way she consults. What is Alice’s home base for social media? Facebook.

Visit Alice’s business Facebook page and “Like” what she is doing!

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5 thoughts on “Sales Guru Talks Social Media Marketing: Alice Heiman, LLC.

    1. Thanks, Bret! I hear so many great thing from your students about your class. They love the real-life useful information! If you ever need a guest speaker, let me know.

  1. Kristin,
    Thanks for including me in your blog. I attended a seminar today put on by the northern California speakers association called Gizmology. It was reiterated that it is not the quantity of connections but the quality and the results. If you are using social media for business it doesn’t matter how big your following is if you are not converting any of them. I don’t ask people on Facebook to hire me as a speaker, they ask me and in fact I got another request yesterday. But the reason they ask is because they have been following me and not only do I provide useful information but I engage with them. Businesses can benefit greatly from learning to engage their audience.


    1. Thank YOU for sharing your story and offering a bit of social media marketing advice. Very valuable information, quality vs. quantity, engage, then convert! Thanks again Alice.

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