Lee Brothers Create Facebook Buzz for Beach Hut Deli

In 1994 Scott and Todd Lee moved to Reno, NV from Granite Bay, CA. Scott attended UNR earning a degree in Digital Media and brother Todd worked at Cope & McPheters. Prior to moving to Reno, the 2 brothers thought this place was all lights, casinos, and hotels.  They instantly fell in love with the Biggest Little City. After college Scott soon joined his big brother and helped Cope and McPheters launch their Internet sales; they were soon swimming in success. The brothers’ knack for business combined with technological skills were the perfect formula for success. In 2003, Scott and Todd purchased a home in Northwest Reno. What they didn’t know at the time was that the purchase of this home would be the key to opening their own business 3 years down the road.

Growing up, the boys frequently enjoyed lunches at Beach Hut Deli. They were close friends with Beach Hut founder and franchise owner Troy Feist. Scott explains:

“You know when you go back to your hometown and you have that one place you have to visit every time? For me it was Beach Hut Deli. I remember being 10 years old and running around that place!”

Scott had turned to Feist during one of his Christmas vacations, and mentioned to Feist that he was looking for a change, he wanted to do something more than what he was doing. Feist slid his business card across the table and told Scott that when he was ready- he would be happy to help him. Months later, Scott was ready. Scott and Todd refinanced their house, which provided them with the means to open up Beach Hut Deli, Reno. Scott and Todd rounded up friends and graffiti artists Ernie and Neal; they also hired on a general contractor, “Butch Hut” to assist in the very cool and unforgettable design of their sandwich shop.

Beach Hut Deli opened on February 5, 2006 in Northwest Reno and these 2 brothers instantly hit the ground running. Scott attributes a big part of their success to their prized employees. Scott and Todd are very meticulous in whom they bring on to their team. They look for driven people who understand the importance in teamwork. They also attribute their employees to their Facebook success. Here are the numbers:

Facebook Business Page:

Likes: 4,819


Followers: 269

It was a slow day for business on President’s Day 2009 when former employee Devin Noe suggested that Beach Hut Deli create a Facebook fan page as a means to drive business. Their Facebook presence was created, and from there Devin requested that all of her 700+ friends “like” the cool sandwich shop where she was working, so did Carrie Potter, so did Miranda Montejo and so did Kinslee Scamaldo. Before Scott and Todd knew it, they had a whole slew (1,000+) of followers on Facebook- Scott even compares it to a cult! Here’s his strategy:

“It’s all about timing. You can’t post a picture of a sandwich at 8 am, or announce your happy hour specials at 9 am…we have to strategically plan each of our posts. I do about 11 posts a day which consist of pictures of sandwiches and beer specials. I utilize Facebook and Twitter to set-up our day for the lunch and dinner rushes. When it’s really slow, I will have all my employees go on their Facebook pages and post something about Beach Hut to bring some business in.”

Scott and Todd will feature a couple sandwiches for the day, and sure enough during their lunch rush several will mention that they saw a picture of the Surfin’ Bird on Facebook and it looked so good, they had to have one. I will vouch for Beach Hut Deli- the pictures of the sandwiches are exactly what you can expect when you order. What? A restaurant that serves the food as advertised? Yes! Beach Hut Deli will also give you a free cookie if you “check-in” upon arrival.

I asked Scott if he has had complaints about his service on Facebook and he said yes. He said he will handle complaints utilizing the direct message feature on Facebook and invite them to come back in so he can fix his error. On one specific occasion there was a complaint on Beach Hut’s Facebook page, and their fans immediately responded to the complaint and supported the sandwich shop. The Lee brothers feature events on Beach Hut’s page such as Nerd Friday Nights, Thirsty Thursdays, Happy Hour, Aloha Fridays. Check them out!

Beach Hut Deli will be opening another location in Downtown Reno’s Comm Row mid-April 2012. This location will be smaller and will serve more as an express stop. Stay tuned on their Facebook page for more details!

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14 thoughts on “Lee Brothers Create Facebook Buzz for Beach Hut Deli

  1. Thanks a lot Kristin, now I’m craving a Beach Hut sandwich! Another killer blog post. Love hearing about all these different businesses in Reno and their social media marketing strategies.

  2. I love beach Hut Deli!!! When I hire employees for my lawn service part of their pay is in Beach Hut Deli food and beer once a week. One year I had a $950.00 bill at the end of the mowing season. Scott and Todd are great guys and I have we have exchanged lawn care for food tab in the past. Their timing for FB/Twit pics always have me craving a Shark Bite w/ a Liter of Black Hawk Down! If you have not had it, TRY IT!

      1. you have already had enough job offers through your blog posts. Good work, your doing something great for small business in Reno and have some good things to say.

  3. Ive known both Scott and Todd since grade school. I as well grew up in Granite Bay enjoying Beach Hut deli. My family and I still reside in Gb and continue to enjoy what the Beach Hut experience is all about. Its more then just run of the mill sandwich shop. Beach Hut deli is a family and freind establishment not unlike the sitcom Cheers from the eighties. You can always expect familar faces, greeted with smiles, hugs and handshakes. When I travel through Reno I always make sure to stop by Beach Hut Reno to see old pals and Enjoy the experience both Scott and Todds shop offers. And yes that does include the worlds best sandwiches. Do yourselves a favor and stop in, and ask about the secret menu. ;).

  4. Scott,
    Your facebook postings of some of your food over the last 6 months is killing me. I end up with drool all over myself just looking at them.

    Rod at UNR

  5. This came across my desk today:

    Press Release!! Beach Hut Deli Downtown Reno

    Reno, Nev. (April 3, 2012) – Beach Hut Deli is to open at a new location in CommRow on May 2, 2012, bringing a little bit of paradise to downtown Reno.

    The Beach Hut Deli franchise is going from strength to strength with 28 locations in California and Nevada. Beach Hut Deli, Reno, has been established in the North West of the city for 6 years and is ready to open at a new, central location in CommRow. The restaurant is set to open on the first floor, bringing with it all the same popular sandwiches, pricing and décor. Beach Hut Deli inside CommRow will also have extended hours of operation on Thursday, Friday and Saturday remaining open until midnight. The owners, Scott and Todd Lee, are excited about opening their second location in downtown Reno.

    “It is a huge breath of fresh air – going to be the spark that downtown needs and we are ready to bring it,” said Scott Lee. “We want to make Reno a better place and it’s all about the people, the community, the art, the music and the food.”

    Beach Hut Deli serves gourmet sandwiches using fresh bread from the Truckee Sourdough Company and top quality meats and cheeses. As well as the standard menu, Beach Hut Deli restaurants have an underground menu with sandwiches invented by consumers. The décor is polished with a vacation and surf theme and the atmosphere is important to the brand.

    “It is all about the food and the vibe,” said Scott Lee. “We make the best gourmet sandwiches in the world and we take the time to make it look good. It is a place where people can come and slow down for 15-20 minutes out of their day. A vacation spot.”

    With the new, central, downtown location, Beach Hut Deli hopes to attract the downtown lunch-goers and students from The University of Nevada, Reno.

    “The community in the North West has really embraced us and now, with this time of change and turn for CommRow, we want to build some confidence in downtown people and students,” said Scott Lee.

    CommRow is equally as excited to welcome Beach Hut Deli to the building and the image it will bring with it.

    “We are very excited to have Beach Hut Deli opening in our venue,” said CommRow’s General Manager, Dean Hanson. “Todd and Scott definitely bring the cool factor wherever they go.”

    Reno’s first “Urban Adventure Destination”, CommRow, opened in the heart of downtown on October 1, 2011 right next to the legendary Reno Arch. Property features include BaseCamp Climbing, a facility which features the world’s tallest climbing wall on the building’s exterior and an indoor bouldering park. A collection of bars and eateries plus two live music venues also reside within. Reno’s looking up!

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