Kaylynne Kroshus Photography Grows by Facebook

The best compliment one can ever give a business is a referral, right? I have heard many businesses say over and over again that word-of-mouth is their #1 source of referrals. The question is now, how is that word-of-mouth reference being delivered? It’s now difficult to distinct the difference between word-of-mouth referrals vs. social media marketing referrals. Remember the old days of everyone gathering around the water cooler at work chit-chatting about life and throwing around referrals left and right, “I went to XYZ’s restaurant and it was incredible,” or “I got my hair cut by ABC on Friday and it was awful.” Well, we still do this at work, but we do this ten-fold on Facebook and Twitter, and now we actually do it in the presence of these businesses.  Social media marketing is word-of-mouth on steroids! As a business owner, why wouldn’t you want to have a constant voice around that water cooler through social media?

In January of 2008 Kaylynne Kroshus enrolled in TMCC’s photography program. She simply had an interest in the art of photography, and wanted to be able to take great photos of her son-on-the-way, Carson. For 2 years Kaylynne took photos as a hobby, lots of photos of her son, many photos of friends, family and scenery. Soon enough more and more people began to ask her about her talent, and Kaylynne entertained the idea of turning her passion for this art into means to provide for her family.

In October of 2010 Kaylynee Kroshus Photography was created. Kaylynne’s brother Marc Davis, was a crucial part of her start up. Mark designed Kaylynne’s beautiful yet professional website and logo, which supplied her with the wheels to start growing brand awareness for Kaylynne Kroshus Photography throughout the Reno/Sparks/Tahoe community.

Let’s talk Facebook…At one point Kaylynne hated Facebook! She just recently created a page for herself, let alone a page for her business.

“It finally occurred to me that Facebook could be a way to show my work and market my business for FREE. I don’t have to go out of my way to market my photos or push my business in peoples’ faces, once I post them on my business page, people see my pictures on their newsfeeds even if they don’t want to!” Here are the numbers:

Facebook Business Page

Likes: 322

Kaylynne is a naturally quiet and modest woman and Facebook has allowed her to give her business a voice. In 1 year, Kaylynne has gone from servicing 1 client a week to 7 clients a week to date. In Summer of 2011, she photographed 10 weddings- a big accomplishment for her Summer being in business. Facebook has helped Kaylynne bring in most of her clients and it has also helped her develop her skills as a photographer. She has been mentored by Oakland photographer Marielle Hayes; whom she adores and constantly follows on Facebook when she is unable to spend time with her. Kaylynne also frequents Confessions of a Prop Junkie (over 17,900 fans- visit this page, way cool) to create ideas for her business. Kaylynne also attributes Facebook for her return customers because she can so conveniently stay connected with them. I’ve known Kaylynne for awhile, I didn’t know she was taking pictures until I saw her work on Facebook. I had a need for a photographer this past fall and I immediately contacted her. Point proven.

“I can hand my business cards out to people, but they can tuck it away and never look at my work. But when my logo is in front of their face and they see my pictures on the Internet- people are WAY more likely to check out what I do. My business wouldn’t be where it is today without Facebook… I am truly blessed and so grateful for where I am today.”

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