What’s the Big Secret, Anyway? Businesses and Transparency on Facebook

Before I step foot into a new business I will almost always stalk-them-out on the Internet. I will check out their website first, then if there’s a Facebook button, I of course will click. It’s very refreshing when a business is interacting with their customers on Facebook. It shows that they care. But, one of the most attractive things businesses can do on Facebook, however is to be absolutely and completely transparent. Besides, what’s the big secret?

People are nosey! This is just how it is. Some are more than others. But we all have a natural instinct to associate ourselves with groups and individuals; we are human. The new and current way to assess if someone or something is in our league is to check them out on Facebook. People want to gauge whether or not a business offers a service that they are looking for and if it’s provided in an environment where they will feel comfortable. As a business owner, you need to be aware of this, and let it all hang out! Potential customers are checking out your content to see how approachable and friendly your environment is. Show them! When it comes to content on social media platforms do not keep any secrets! Be see through. Be transparent. There are no secrets anymore, and honestly the customers are way smarter now. With the tools available to us in these times, anyone can figure out pretty much anything if they tried hard enough. Have you checked out Google Maps? It’s terrifying.

Show your face and tell your story.

A very common tip I share with business owners is to be more open and presentful of themselves on Facebook. Show your face and tell your story! Remember that bit of people being nosey? Here ya’ go. I love hearing success stories, so does everyone else, and I wish more businesses would present theirs. Let Facebook tell your story and show who you are as a business owner. Post pictures of yourself. Trust me, people want to meet you. If people can associate your business with your face they will feel more connected with the product or service, which they’re paying for. When customers interact with your business on Facebook and consistently see you, it will feel so much more personal than interacting with just a business logo or a mascot.  On top of being nosey, people also love attention- so when we feel like they are getting direct attention from the owner we feel pretty dang special. What’s better service than that? Leverage the ability to personally connect with your present and future clients utilizing social media.  Be yourself, show yourself, and be transparent.

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