Marc Digesti Displays PerformancEDU’s Community on Facebook

Marc Digesti, (I say it loud and proud) is a Reno, Nevada native. Graduating from Reno High School in 1999, Marc played baseball and football. Marc took his baseball career to the next level and represented the Wildcats @ Chico State University. It was during this time that Marc battled several shoulder injuries inhibiting his abilities to perform on the diamond. Marc’s interest and passion for athletic performance and injury prevention was piqued. It wasn’t long before he left Chico with a degree in Exercise Physiology- and headed to the mecca of sports training, Los Angeles.

Marc did an internship with Athletes’ Performance in Carson, CA. Up to this point, Marc’s experience and education had been related to a traditional athlete’s background, heavily involved with strength and conditioning training. All of this went out the door once he was introduced to the culture and methodolgy at Athletes’ Performance.  Marc’s internship dove into how to exploit movement dysfunction and how to implement it back into a training program.  One of the tools he was taught to administer was the FMS (Functional Movement Screen) to diagnose movement dysfunction.

“Most of us have the same types of dysfunctions, but each person requires a different process to increase their  movement quality.”

During his time in So Cal he also trained the US Disabled Ski Team and was mentored by  big names in the industry like: Todd Durkin, Mark Verstegen, Omi Iwasaki, Darcy Norman and Anthony Slater. Marc fell in love with the Ski culture and has created a niche in his training for these types of athletes. In 2010, Marc took his 3 years of experience working with some of the best trainers and athletes in the nation and moved back to his hometown, in an effort to start training in the Reno area.

On October 18th of 2011 Marc and his wife Jenny Digesti opened PerformancEDU.

“This place is me. I have taken my experience and philosophy for performance and I am exuding a culture which people can adapt to, that’s what I want to do here at EDU.”

Have you ever trained barefoot before? Me neither, but I did when I worked out with Marc. It’s unreal how much more you pay attention to your movement when you have no protection on your feet. Ideas like the barefoot training are examples of Marc’s philosophy on the attention he gives to the body’s movement.

How has Marc been getting people through the doors of PerformancEDU? Word of mouth through social media! Marc began his social media marketing journey on Twitter, then Facebook was soon to follow for PEDU. Marc believes that social media is huge for businesses especially for start-ups. Here is Marc’s daily social media strategy:

Marc utilizes Facebook as a hub for live updates, and he loves the idea of being able to virally get his messages and health tips out about his business. PEDU also hosts an informative blog that offers valuable information. Visit PEDU for more information, and like their page! Tweet on Marc!

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