10 Facebook Faux-Pas for Businesses

I have been researching a lot of businesses in the area, and their use of social media.  I have met some wonderful business owners and I seen some stellar displays of brands upon Facebook. However, I have also come across many business pages that are…well… perhaps, misinformed. Here is my top-10 list of things businesses are doing wrong on Facebook.

“I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that don’t work!”-Thomas Edison

  1. Using a personal page as a business page- This is probably the biggest faux pas I have seen. If you are a business or an organization, you need to create a business page- not a personal. It is a Facebook violation, and they have every right to delete your page if you are caught.
  2. Shouting!- Put the megaphone down and stop making announcements. Keep your content 20% about you, and 80% about your fans. Thinkinbound…Offer content which allows for your fans to respond and interact.
  3. Over-postingIf you are posting more than 2 times a day, this can get a bit “spammy.” If you post too much, people will tune you out. It’s important to stay consistent, but don’t post too often.
  4. Selling- There is a time and a place, but not here. Facebook is not for sales. If you try to sell to people, you will have zero fans. Let your page be a space for your customers to interact with your brand and create an online community.
  5.  Self promoting on other pages- If you worked for Coke, would you set up a booth inside of Pepsi and sell Sprite? No. Don’t utilize someone else’s space to advertise your business, unless it has been requested.
  6. Forgetting a social media policy- This is something that is frequently overlooked. If your business is being represented on Facebook it is important to implement policy and procedures so that your business is not misrepresented.
  7. Deleting complaints- Social media for your business can be great, but it can get difficult when it comes to dealing with complaints. It will happen. Rather than deleting these complaints from your timeline, DEAL  WITH THEM!
  8. Neglecting to interact with fans- If your fans are asking questions and making comments, respond to them! You will soon lose their attention if you ignore them.
  9. Not posting current info- If I scope out a business’s Facebook, and their last post was weeks ago- I will move on. It’s important to keep your page updated.
  10. Not having a Facebook page at all- Why wouldn’t you want to hang out where all of your customers are gathering? There’s a big, very big, conversation occurring on Facebook, I highly recommend joining it.
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7 thoughts on “10 Facebook Faux-Pas for Businesses

  1. Agree with Alice. I sometimes struggle with the posting issue. I’ll have time so I post and then not post for a week…any solutions to this? Can I use the time I do have to schedule posts to appear in my timeline all week or all month? Does this sort of service exsist?

    1. Hi Irickma-

      Thank you for reading my post. You have asked a great question, one that I ask everyday! The answer to your question is, sort of. There are tools which will allow you to generate automatic posts (TweetDeck, HootSuite) however you are unable to tag anyone, and it is not nearly as effective as channeling your posts through Facebook. Another thing, Facebook is most effective because you are posting current information and your fans are seeing the “now.” Thats so important and one of the biggest reasons why social media is so effective. If I could give you any tips I would recommend creating a weekly posting strategy. Put together a list of topics for the week, this way you won’t be stuck when you do take the time to sit down. Consider social media your business’s marketing plan! Do you have time to market your business? Yes. Make it a priority, just like you make paying your bills a priority- it’s just as important. With the ability to do posts from your phone, it really couldn’t get any more convenient. Don’t try to blow your audience away with the posts, that can be overwhelming. Keep it simple. You may have just inspired my next blog! If you need help, I am happy to assist. Let me know! Thanks for stopping by.


  2. great suggestions. please, please don’t create a personal page for you business. and remember it’s all about engaging and providing good content. for businesses I find it better to showcase the personality of the company than talk directly about the product! great post!

  3. Reblogged this on Alice Heiman’s Weblog and commented:
    My intern, Kristin and I were talking about all the things that businesses do on Facebook that are not helping them get more business. As a result she wrote this great post on her blog that I wanted you all to read.

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