Top 5 Twitter Faux-Pas for Businesses

Many businesses are on Twitter now, and while this can be an excellent way to provide real time customer service as well as value to your followers- there a couple things businesses need to be cautious of. Is your business making any of these faux pas?

1.  Automated tweets– It is obvious when most of your tweets are automated. Now, I think automated tweets are useful- however, not when every single one of your tweets are just blasts to the world. Remember that part about engagement? Is your Facebook linked to your Twitter? Are every single one of your tweets automated from Facebook?  It doesn’t look very engaging.

2.  Your avatar is lame– Hey egghead! DO NOT tweet if your avatar is an egghead, many people will think you are a spammer. Also, (this is just a personal preference) I feel so much more comfortable interacting with people’s faces rather than a logo or some other sort of an animation. As soon as I see a logo I feel that I will only be hearing about deals and promotions for a business, #fail.

3.  You don’t follow back– This is just Twitter etiquette. If you have 300 or 3,000 followers, and you only follow 17 people- that’s rude! Remember that part about engagement…again?

4.  Not using your Twitter background– This is a valuable piece of real estate, utilize it! Have a graphic artist take your logo to fit your Twitter background. Add your contact info to create a little advertisement for your business. Many businesses are partaking in this and I think it looks great.

5.  Not providing value– Blah blah blah! Make sure what you are tweeting offers value to your followers! Don’t blast nonstop information about your business. Before you tweet, think to yourself: “Does this tweet help or engage my followers?”

Do you have any other faux-pas to add to the list? What are you noticing businesses or people doing on Twitter that annoy you?

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