Grand Sierra Resort Excels in Customer Service via Twitter

One night one of my friends tweeted to me and said “Hey Kristin, you should interview the @grandsierra because they do an excellent job with their social media.” Before I could even respond, Ian and I already had a response from Grand Sierra thanking us for the compliment! So of course, I headed to Grand Sierra Resort to meet the face behind GSR’s social media.

The Grand Sierra Resort towers 26 stories and 1,990 rooms over Reno, just 3 miles east of Downtown. You may have once known this property as The Hilton, prior to that as Bally’s Reno, or even before that as the MGM Grand Reno (Hello Hollywood Hello, anyone?). The GSR still has a preserved chandelier from the MGM. The Meruelo Group saw the great potential in GSR and bought it in February of 2011.

Today, the GSR is undergoing a $25 million renovation. Many customers expressed concern with the lighting in the building as well as a need for more nightlife, and GSR is responding. Changes being made consist of: brighter carpet, more lighting, vibrant colors, Wet Ultra Lounge, the casino floor, an enclosed VIP Lounge, and much more. The GSR is thrilled to unveil the changes, which have all been requested by their guests. The GSR staff prides themselves in their ability to respond to customer demand. GSR has even given each individual the power to receive virtually instant answers via Facebook, Twitter and Miss Sara Robbins.

Sara Robbins, Las Vegas native, UNR graduate and GSR’s Social Media Manager- is the bubbly voice behind the 23,098 fan-based Facebook and 2,853 following on Twitter.  Being a social media manager isn’t just any position at the GSR, it’s an around-the-clock voice for the cusomers. Just last week, Sara attended the Florence and The Machine concert at GSR. While she was enjoying her evening rocking out to one of her favorite bands- her IPhone never left her hands as she instantly responded to the over 50 tweets from guests at the concert. Always within reach for Sara: IPhone, IPad and laptop.

“If our guests have questions, we have to give them answers. We don’t have a Facebook and Twitter just to have one. We utilize these tools to engage with our fans and customers. It’s also a way to monitor what people are saying about us- good or bad, so we can respond accordingly. It’s part of our success!”

The importance of having someone monitor all of a company’s social media sites is so crucial- and often overlooked. The GSR monitors Mapquest, Yelp!, Travelocity, any and all review websites, Google, Wikipedia, Facebook, Twitter and blog…just to name a few! Sara has been designated the responsibility of assuring that each and every channel of info for the GSR is accurate, providing their guests with answers. Got a question or a comment? Tweet @grandsierra or post on their Facebook and you will hear back soon with an accurate answer.

As GSR’s Social Media Manager, Sara takes pride in her work. She can remember occasions when she would tweet to her favorite bands or Verizon- and they would reply instantly to her.

“It’s a great feeling when you get an instant response from an organization or business, it makes you feel so connected to that brand. I want to offer that to our guests. If I receive a question that I can’t answer, I will go find someone who can.”

The Grand Sierra resort is leading by example in the world of social media customer service. Hats off to GSR and Sara Robbins for providing a means for their fans and customers to get instantly connected with this resort and casino.

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12 thoughts on “Grand Sierra Resort Excels in Customer Service via Twitter

    1. Thanks Trucker Doug! I completely agree with you, it’s so nice to know that you have a reliable connection at all times with Grand Sierra. Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Glad to see my little match making experiment worked out. Awesome blog post Kristin, and great job Sara. I love what the Grand Sierra is doing both with their social media and overall business strategy. I think the younger crowd in Reno is in desperate need for a casino resort that fits our lifestyle and the GSR is doing an excellent job of filling that void. I love the swank new renovations, the first Friday celebrations, and the excellent concerts they are bringing to town! It is also incredible how fast and how frequently Sara posts and responds on Twitter and Facebook. Kudos to both of you and keep up the great work!

    1. Thank you, Ian! We pride ourselves in bringing only the best to the Reno area. At the end of the day, it is incredibly rewarding to read comments such as yours and to be acknowledged by people like yourself and Kristin. Major kudos also goes to Kristin for her hard work in bringing social media among businesses to the forefront! So nice to see small businesses being recognized for their behind the scenes efforts. Cheers!

      1. You go girl! Thanks Sara for the kind words. It has been an absolute pleasure bringing all of these businesses into my little mini spotlight. I love how everyone is utilizing social media, and you are a great example. Keep up the hard work, it is noticed- and appreciated.


    2. Ian! Thanks for the kind words. I couldn’t agree with you more. Their new ultra-lounge “Wet” is beautiful! And is something which Reno could use. Thanks for connecting Sara with me, it worked out very well. Thanks for stopping by.


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