Nevada Humane Society Attracts Support for Their Furry Friends via Facebook

Here is, once again, another great example of how businesses and organizations are utilizing social media for the greater good. Nevada Humane Society has engaging content on their Facebook page attracting the northern Nevada community to become new parents to any of their animals. With almost 5,000 Facebook fans, Nevada Humane Society advertises different events, features, and fundraisers that are happening at the shelter.

Before 1932, the homeless animals of northern Nevada were kept in a large pen “out in the country” where the standard for their care wasn’t very high. Enid Johnson and Genevra Kempton founded Nevada Humane Society in 1932, as a way to properly care for the stray and surrendered pets of our community. In 2007, Bonney Brown (Executive Director) and her team helped turn Nevada Humane Society into a no-kill shelter and one of the safest places in the country for animals. Here are some stats: In 2011, the save rates for dogs and cats were 93%.  In 2010, 9,668 animals were adopted. In 2011, 9,340 animals were adopted. Another stat to prove what kind of impact this no-kill shelter is having on our community- in 2006, (pre no-kill) 4,990 pets were adopted. That number was nearly doubled in 2011 due to the incredible efforts of the staff at Nevada Humane Society, and the no-kill policy implemented by Bonney, her team and Washoe County.

Nevada Humane Society has 80 employees, including part and full-time members, and 3 veterinarians. Also, don’ t forget the members of the community that volunteer their time each day to help find these animals a home, safely. Nevada Humane Society solely operates on donations and grants. Each of the animals within the shelter are either strays transferred from the county, or pets surrendered by their owners. There is a constant pressure to find animals homes, due to the high volume of pets being admitted each day. The shelter is always looking for volunteers to foster some of their pets that may be too young or sick to live in the shelter at the time of admittance. Nevada Humane Society has a wonderful place for these animals to temporarily call home, but they know that a life in the shelter is not what these animals deserve.

Kimberly Chandler, the shelter’s Communications Director, manages the shelter’s Facebook presence. Social media has been very beneficial for the shelter, especially for finding immediate foster homes when litters arrive. On their Facebook you can also find individual animal profiles. Once an animal has been in the shelter for 90 days, the staff will put together a marketing program to draw specific attention to the pet and get them a home as soon as possible.  Also, many volunteers have been found via Facebook due to the ads, campaigns and the ADORABLE pictures marketed. Nevada Humane society is creating change amongst our community, and they are always in need of volunteers and donations. Visit their Facebook page to see how you can help.

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