Burger Who? Burger Me!!

Finally, the burger-goodness of Truckee, Calif. has been introduced to Reno. Burger Me is now located in the Northwest, in a facility that was once occupied by Tahoe Burger. Owners Mark Estee, The Spenella Family (Jim, Debra and son, Jordan), and Tom Farina proudly introduced their burger restaurant to Truckee, Calif during the summer of 2008. The all-natural, all-organic, and locally sourced burger joint was placed in an old garage-style building, which was formerly an organic supermarket. This community-minded restaurant will not compromise on ingredients. Receiving their produce from Habeger Produce, bread from Truckee Sourdough, and meats from Sierra Meat and Seafood, you can taste the freshness of their burgers and fries. It truly makes a difference.

Mark Estee was once the owner of Moody’s in Truckee, Calif and is now the owner of Campo Reno and Burger Me. Mark’s biggest influence with Burger Me is being the “food guru” and managing any major menu and product decisions. The Spenella Family consists of Debra, Jim and son Jordan Spenella. Debra is a real estate agent, Jim has been a general contractor for 35 years, and Jordan is the General Manager of Burger Me, Reno. Jordan was once a prep cook for Mark back in the day at Lone Eagle Grill. Tom Farina was the last partner to join the team and complete the puzzle. Tom is from Chicago, and was formerly the Food and Beverage Director at the South Lake Tahoe Hilton. Tom was excited to escape the corporate world and is now the General Manager of Burger Me, Truckee. This great team’s restaurant was featured on Food Network’s Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives, hosted by Guy Fieri in June of 2010.
On September 15, 2011, the doors of Burger Me, Reno opened. Burger Me prides itself on three things: the freshest food possible, being part of the community, and customer service. Burger Me is also assisted by The Abbi Agency for their marketing, public relations and social media. The Abbi Agency has been an integral part of Burger Me’s involvement with the community when it comes to reaching out through social media. For
example, Jim Spenella is assisting Lion and
the Lamb preschool in building a garden for the youngsters to enjoy- the build can be experienced via Facebook.  Pictures of families enjoying a meal together, kids chomping on chicken tenders, and businessmen on their lunch breaks biting into a bison burger is all shared through Facebook and Twitter.
The assistance of The Abbi Agency has allowed Mark, The Spenella’s, and Tom to focus on what they are really good at-running one of the best burger joints in town. Check out their Facebook page for insane pictures of their awesome burgers, and follow them on Twitter to get updated on the latest and greatest of the burger-goodness!
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