Davy Ratchford of Northstar, Enlightens with Valuable Personal Insight

“We are so lucky. We are marketers. Everyday, we get to be creative and disruptive for a living.” –Davy Ratchford

I am proudly on the board for the Reno-Tahoe American Marketing Association. We host luncheons each month and we host a guest speaker. I want to hear more from the best marketers in our area, and in 2012- one of the best presentations came from Davy Ratchford. We are in a creative field, and marketers constantly have to be on their toes. I am always on the lookout. What is the latest tactic that is grabbing consumers’ attention? What was the plan and thought put behind these tactics?

14985756b3506f5c9bfae8743a3c99b6Davy Ratchford was the Director of Marketing at Northstar California. I just found out hours ago, via Twitter, that Ratchford has accepted a position at Vail Mountain in Vail, Co. Congrats, Davy! Davy transparently shared his personal story and presented some great insight as to what he is constantly looking for, everyday, as a professional marketer.

Davy shared 2 major points that really got my wheels spinning: “As marketers, it is our responsibility to cause disruption and to seek out unique opportunities.”

Disruption: As marketers, it is our responsibility to look for a way to get the consumers’ attention. How do you do that? By being different. Normal is…well…normal. It’s expected, it’s assumed. Disruption, however, gets the people’s attention. Disrupt the status quo if you want people to notice your product.

Opportunity: Constantly be on the lookout for unique opportunities to position your service or product. Ratchford shares a story of a once lost, white, fluffy dog that was spotted wandering around the Northstar resort. This little pooch is now Northstar’s mascot, and his name is Marsh Mellow. Marsh Mellow is a big time celebrity on Facebook, the fans love him! All of this was made possible because someone saw an opportunity. Opportunity can be in the form of a dog, a person, a song, a product…opportunity is everywhere! You just have to find it.

It doesn’t matter what industry you are working in, Ratchford’s insights apply to all marketers across the board. I appreciated his transparency. Thank you Davy Ratchford for sharing your journey with as, as well as some very inspiring thoughts and ideas!

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