Reno Meets The Tipping Point

Change is in the air and it has been undeniable for a couple-ish years or so. Reno has finally reached a tipping point.

Malcolm Gladwell defines The Tipping Point as “the moment of critical mass, the threshold, the boiling point.” And, here we are.  A beautiful formula has been brewing; between the University of Nevada graciously expanding, MidTown, The Arch Project, Reno Rebirth blogs, TEDxUniversityofNevada, TEDxReno, attempts left and right from various groups to change the perception of Reno, new taglines, our tech community… I am barely scratching the surface. But, Reno has reached a boiling point and a new attitude is being brought forth.

This town has been kicked in the shins over and over again. Thank you: Reno 911, The Muppets, Las Vegas, every other “Top 10 Worst Cities” list ever written, and the list goes on. Reno can’t and won’t deny what exists- yes we are a 24-hour town, yes gambling is legal, yes we have casinos, yes we have homeless people, YES WE HAVE SOME “SEEDY” AREAS, OK! That’s not a secret, but it’s not who we are. For some reason, the beauty and incredible lifestyle of this town has been kept a secret. It’s time to tell our story, and share with the world why over 250,000 people call this place home…500,000 if you want to include surrounding cities. 250,000 people wake up in the Biggest Little City every morning- that’s not a fluke.

Let’s talk about those 250,000 or so people… That’s our nucleus, that’s who we are. Not everyone that lives here loves this place, there’s a lot of grumbling going on in this town- and that is issue #1. There is no point in arguing the poor national attention that we have been receiving if a percentage of our own citizens don’t even like it here.  Here’s what I have noticed most about the grumblers, they have either: lived here their whole lives and don’t realize how uniquely awesome this town is,  and/or are unhappy with themselves. That’s just a common theme I have noticed, a complete generalization. The Biggest Little City needs an internal shift, that single drop to cause a ripple affect. Then, perhaps one day, the national stories will reflect our pride and confidence. The time is now. We want to tell our story.

I am honored to live in this town at this very moment. Something is changing and it’s too good not to write about.

I don’t think the core of Reno has necessarily changed, but I think the attitude of the community is growing stronger and louder. People are telling their same stories that they have always told about why they love this town- now, they’re just telling it a little louder, and it’s becoming contagious. The Biggest Little City wants to be heard, and we want to be heard for reasons other than the old, tired and expected kicks to the shins. There are a lot of things that are worth talking about here, it’s time to start talkin’.

Stay tuned for a little play-by-play as to what is going on in Reno, NeVAda. #biggestlittlecity

Biggest Little City

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7 thoughts on “Reno Meets The Tipping Point

  1. What a great post. I have moved from Reno, and know how you feel. It is an amazing community with awesome people. I am very excited and positive for Reno’s future!

    1. Hi Michael!

      Thank you for your comment and sharing your feelings about Reno. This IS a wonderful community to live in and I really enjoy meeting others who feel the same way.


  2. Join the march against Chemtrails sunday at 1:00 august 25, in front of the
    federal bldg south virginia we would appreciate your support!

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