When The Biggest Little City Weeps

When the biggest little city weeps, we weep together.

Paul Klein and I were just talking about this the other day as we are prepping for TEDx- Reno has been hammered with tragedy the past 5 or so years. I will never forget when Brianna Denison was snatched from a friend’s couch, that feeling I felt when that plane crashed into the grand stands at the air races, when IHOP in Carson City turned into a gruesome crime scene, or when shots were sprayed across The Nugget as 2 gangs quarreled… and it doesn’t stop there. A lot of people in our country can only identify Reno with these  types events.

When the biggest little city weeps, we weep together.

Countless hours by a countless number of people have been put forth in an effort to revitalize our town and our town’s reputation. And sure enough, some really wonderful things started to happen in the past year or so. Just last week we landed a great article in the NY Times (thank you Freda Moon) featuring many of our local bars and restaurants, and we were also ranked #9 by Livability.com… finally! Then, as a trigger was pulled at a local middle school- the Biggest Little City was on every national news station in the country. Just like that, in an instant. A town stopped cold in its tracks.

 When the biggest little city weeps, we weep together.

Our hearts have been broken. But, in times of struggle this town has demonstrated over and over again what a community is. So much pain, anger, and confusion…why? I don’t know why and no one here can tell us why, either. All I know is that two of our own, who woke up and saw the sun rise Monday morning, did not wake up yesterday.

Each time our town is struck, the display of compassion and community leaves me speechless. My heart cries out by all of those directly affected, and I pray that they feel the backing behind them. You are not weeping alone.

Wherever you find people, you will find imperfection. I still choose to be imperfect in this little town.

When the biggest little city weeps, we weep together.

The Biggest Little City


4 thoughts on “When The Biggest Little City Weeps

  1. Beautifully written….tragedy will stop a community. Because of the Sparks Middle School tradegy I’ve realized what my home town community was going through when tragedy struck in 1984 as some were lying unconscious in the ICU. Heavy hearts all around.
    Thank you for sharing

    1. My dearest SueAnn! Thank you so much for your words. I still want to go and visit your hometown some time. I am glad you liked the post, let’s do lunch soon. Miss and love you!

  2. Thank you for writing this, Kristin. I grew up right down the road in South Lake Tahoe and never cared for Reno until I moved here three years ago. Now I love it and would hate to leave. It’s had a huge effect on me thanks to the passionate people who are proud to live here. I wish more people would see Reno the way we see it. ❤

    1. Hi Renelle 🙂 I have learned that while there are many naysayers that live here, the people that do love living here are completely crazy-in-love with this town. But, as you have experienced, you really have to dig your nails in and get involved to really see the beauty of this place. Yes we have beautiful scenery, but our true beauty lies within our people and our community. I am looking forward to meeting you next week.

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