Humble marketing: Is your brand likable?

The days of brands pounding their chests telling everyone how great they are, are behind us. Consumers value humility in brands, just like all humans value humility in one another. I was listening to a sermon the other day and the pastor was discussing likability. There are a few key factors that we all value in one another, which equates to likability (loyalty, integrity, humility, etc.) Messaging, brand creation, and marketing should all aim towards the same value sets which will lead to likability.

Marketing should always under promise. Your product should always over deliver.

I think this is a common theme when marketing departments are silo’d from the general operations of a company. When marketing teams are disconnected from the rest of the company, it is extremely easy to put toss on those incredible storytelling shoes and push something that will dazzle and engage, however that story may not be realistic for your brand to consistently deliver.

Don’t silo the marketing team.

I spend time connecting with customer service, I am heavily involved in product development, I constantly touch data, I am always bugging tech… I have a fairly good sense of what our company can promise and what we cannot promise. I will fight tooth and nail to not promote something that is a 100% guarantee for our consumers. There is nothing more detrimental to a company than a brand that can not deliver what it promises.

This is part of what really makes me nervous about marketing and PR agencies. They will probably do a fantastic job at getting your brand in front of the masses and they will get a lot of attention for your brands…however, I think there is a major risk of disconnect in these situations, and agencies will over promise the actual capabilities of the brand.

Corporate branding ≥ Product branding

Corporate branding is equally as (if not more important) than product branding, because it is the heart beat behind all of your products. All of the above points hit even harder for corporate messaging. Humility goes a long way. Let the masses tell people how awesome you are, that’s not your company’s job- leave that to your delighted audience.

Is your marketing leader likable?

Who is speaking to your audience? Be selective in who you are choosing to develop and execute your marketing and messaging. Yes, skill set is important, but is your marketing leader likable person? Do they have personality traits that draw people to them and inspire?  Or are they unenchanting? This matters.


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