About Me

Kristin Stith serves as VP of Customer Acquisition and Experience for Bristlecone, a rapidly growing financial technology startup creating modernized financing agreements for underserved consumers in niche markets using machine-learning technology.

Bristlecone entered the stale and broken financial services industry in 2013 and now serves over 55,000 consumers nationally. After months of collecting consumer feedback, Stith discovered where her efforts are best spent: to craft a customer experience that exceeds expectations.

Stith is a part-time instructor at UNR and teaches Entrepreneurial Marketing. She helped to lead the Biggest Little City Movement and, in an attempt to kick the outdated stereotype and set the record straight about Reno’s true beauty, she took the stage in 2014 at TedxUniversityofNevada to highlight how grassroots movements can effectively recapture a voice. Stith, a Southern California native, earned her Bachelors and MBA from UNR, first arriving to the region in 2003 to join the Pack’s women’s softball team.


9 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi Kristin, I just found your blog and am hoping to learn more through it. I’m a senior lady about to move from Alaska to Reno. I leave here day after tomorrow and, after over 30 years in Alaska, am very excited to discover my new city!

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